Diane Barrickman Doctor of Physical Therapy, Founder/Owner, dbarrickman, inc.

ATTACHI Physical Therapy has been providing full service Ergonomic Consulting, Work Risk Analysis and Injury Prevention Training to businesses and individuals that care about safety and comfort in the workplace since November 2000. My motivation for establishing an Ergonomic Consulting Company was to prevent and reduce the number of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), worker compensation claims/costs, employee lost days at work, and to educate and empower managers, supervisors, employees and individuals on how to prevent and reduce injury.

For the past 30 years I have been helping injured individuals recover from impairments and disabilities in the community of Santa Barbara as a licensed practicing physical therapist at the Human Performance Center. I was awarded my Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from Western University of Health Sciences, Masters degree in Physical Therapy from Chapman University and my Bachelor’s degree from University of California Santa Barbara. I became a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist in 1998 specializing in musculoskeletal injuries of the spine and extremities. While evaluating my clients, many times it became apparent that the injury could have been prevented with proper workstation ergonomics and education of proper posture and body mechanics. I also found my clients recovered from their injuries more quickly if their work area was properly assessed and modified, the individual had a working knowledge of proper body mechanics and applied these concepts to their work and activities of daily living. I have been specializing in injury prevention training and worksite analysis for the past 28 years and know how effective applying these concepts can be.

My Full Service Ergonomic Consulting and Injury Prevention Training Program will:

• Prevent workplace injury

• Reduce work comp claims/costs

• Reduce injury at work

• Facilitate return to work when injured

• Improve safety while working

• Improve comfort while working

• Improve productivity

• Reduce lost days at work

• Improve morale


I look forward to working with and serving you!

Diane Barrickman

Diane Barrickman, PT, DPT, MA
Doctor of Physical Therapy